It's on the SophiaTech campus in the heart of the Sophia Antipolis technology park our laboratory conducts research in the field of information science and communication.
"Advancing knowledge, consider the economic and technological realities, while imagining tomorrow's solutions."

A view of three buildings accommodating the I3S lab

The I3S laboratory is one of the largest information and communication science laboratories in the French Riviera. it was one of first ones to settle down on Sophia Antipolis Science and Technology Park. It consists of a little less than 300 people. [+...]

In partnership with CNRS and INRIA, and numerous industrial collaborations, we work on the themes of innovative research at the cutting edge of science and technology: systems and networks ubiquitous, biology and digital health, modeling for environment interactions and practices. [+...]

The 5 latest submissions recorded in HAL (see all I3S scientific productions)

José Henrique De Morais Goulart, Pedro Marinho R. de Oliveira, Rodrigo Cabral Farias, Vicente Zarzoso, Pierre Comon
Alternating group lasso for block-term tensor decomposition with application to ECG source separation
hal-01899469Preprints, Working Papers
Frédéric Mallet
Model-Based Systems Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems: a (possible) roadmap for MARTE
3rd International workshop on TIming Performance engineering for Safety critical systems CONFESTA/TIPS, Sep 2018, Beijing, China
hal-01898291Conference papers
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten, Reinhard Von Hanxleden, Frédéric Mallet, Robert De Simone, Julien Deantoni
Time in SCCharts
Forum on specification & Design Languages, Sep 2018, Munich, Germany
hal-01898285Conference papers
Chunlin Guan, Yi Ao, Dehui Du, Frédéric Mallet
xSHS: An Executable Domain-Specific Modeling Language for Modeling Stochastic and Hybrid Behaviors of Cyber-Physical Systems
25th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, Dec 2018, Nara, Japan
hal-01898219Conference papers
Dehui Du, Ping Huang, Kaiqiang Jiang, Frédéric Mallet
pCSSL: A stochastic extension to MARTE/CCSL for modeling uncertainty in Cyber Physical Systems
Science of Computer Programming, Elsevier, 2018, 166, pp.71 - 88. 〈10.1016/j.scico.2018.05.005〉
hal-01898202Journal articles